Training & Team Development

Based on years of on-the-ground experience with teams around the world, our training centers around helping people excel at Communication, Culture and Creativity. We offer sessions that last ½ day, one or two days and they can take place onsite or at our location in Austin, TX. All of our trainings use large-scale visual, game and design thinking for team development and they are participatory and experiential based on our commitment to diverse learning styles. And yes, there will be improv. Train your team in:

  • MEETING FACILITATION TOOL & TECHNIQUES: How to Design and Lead Meetings Using Visual, Design, Game and Improvisational Thinking

  • GRAPHIC RECORDING: How to Capture and Visualize Live Content on a Large-Scale

  • BUILDING AN INNOVATION CULTURE: How to Culturally Normalize Creative Risk-Taking and Rapid Prototyping

  • PRESENTATION DESIGN: How to Design a Compelling Story and Make Your Message Stick

  • THINK LIKE THEM / EMPATHIC COMMUNICATION: How to Gain Greater Insight into Your Customers or Users

  • DISSOLVING TEAM OBSTACLES: How to Help Your Team Communicate Effectively and Play Better with Each Other

  • Contact us for details about our engagement process, training outcomes, curriculum, optimal number of participants, packages and pricing.