Coaching & Professional Development

Our individual and team coaching is focused on cultivating confidence and self-awareness that results in professional development. Coaching is provided personally by Sunni and she uses highly effective, transformational coaching techniques (listed here). Experiences are hands-on, adapted to your current skills and context, and tailored to your unique learning style. (Also! There will be fun.) Sunni's approach is based on her empathic-listening intake and assessment followed by an initial discovery session. Her four specialized coaching areas include:

        • Graphic Recording (referred to as Large-Scale Infodoodling) is the practice of capturing streaming auditory content and converting it into a combination of imagery + text on a large mural in real time. It is most often used to capture and display important information during meetings, conferences and events. The unseen art of this work is the act of deep listening, as the job of the Graphic Recorder is to distill and faithfully reproduce what a speaker is saying. It is a highly useful skill with many positive applications beyond the murals you'll learn to create. Sunni is one of the most well-known graphic recorders in the world due to her public speaking, her passionate advocacy of visual language and her most recent book, The Doodle Revolution.
        • As all great facilitators know, designing and leading effective meetings is a skill. (And, as almost all employees know, most meetings stink!) Sunni Brown Ink has flipped the traditional meeting structure on its head. We designed a highly effective, open-source facilitation technique called Gamestorming, based on our best-selling business book. Gamestorming is a group-meeting methodology that applies visual, design, game and improvisational thinking to the work of solving organizational (and personal!) problems. It has been used in almost every testing ground imaginable -classrooms, board rooms and war rooms - and it is undisputed: Gamestorming gives meetings a purpose. It gets better outcomes, faster. It engages learners of all stripes. Sunni and her team have designed and led hundreds of successful meetings in diverse industries around the world. She is a master facilitator respected both for her skillful session design and her empathic communication style.
        •  If your message doesn't stick, it doesn't really exist. Effective communication and presentation are essential to getting things done in the workplace and in the world, but most of us are either winging it, botching it or avoiding it altogether. We understand and empathize, but this will not stand. Being heard and believed = making a dent in the universe. And while Sunni originally struggled with significant stage fright, she has successfully designed and delivered over 220 presentations, keynotes, panels, radio and television interviews, and trainings, and she helped to ignite an enthusiastic global conversation on the value of visual literacy called The Doodle Revolution. Sunni won much of her public-speaking knowledge in the trenches, but she was also blessed to eventually be mentored by one of the most celebrated communication strategists in the United States, Margaret Keys. Sunni now coaches C-Level executives, authors, public speakers and legislators, supporting others in taking the stage with joy, confidence and a clear message.
        • We live in a wild, interconnected environment, where information blooms constantly, opportunities for innovation and growth are endless, and there are many paths we can choose to solve problems - either personally or in business. In this world, seeing clearly is key. And clarity comes from understanding the systems we occupy: their context, customers, communication channels, core values. Most importantly, clarity comes from INQUIRY. This is where Visual and Design Thinking become powerful allies. These methods of exploration are robust, incisive, and highly functional when seeking to address thorny, real-world challenges. The purpose of visual and design thinking is to empower learners to skillfully observe, reframe, ideate, prototype and plan. These methods make thinking visible and consequently, more actionable. This coaching opportunity with Sunni is for people in any job category who are hungry for skills useful in any problem-solving environment.
    • Coaching can take place either in-person or virtually. Contact us for detailed information about areas of focus, outcomes, packages and pricing.