Many people think that visual thinking, game thinking and improvisation have no business in the workplace. We politely beg to differ. At SB Ink, we take alternate modes of learning seriously because we know they offer opportunities for exploration, discovery and insight unmatched by traditional thinking techniques. That’s why we designed a problem-solving method called Gamestorming, now deployed in businesses and educational institutions around the globe. This powerful technique has effectively and efficiently solved problems in hundreds of diverse environments, and it’s detailed in a book translated into over 18 languages. Gamestorming combines visual + game + design and improv thinking to help teams and organizations analyze, optimize, innovate, investigate and solve almost any challenge. Our facilitators design and lead participatory group sessions and the results are clear: It works. It’s not hopscotch. Play is serious business. (And it can be fun, too.) Game on.

Use Gamestorming to support:

  • Building an Innovation Culture
  • Product, Service or Experience Innovation
  • Strategic Visioning
  • Process Improvement
  • Team Performance
  • Effective Presentation and Communication
  • Any challenge posed by your current environment