We LOVE great speakers and great content, but we hate that their insights linger so briefly at events, streaming in one ear and out of the other before new knowledge can really be integrated. That’s why we’ve spent years training our team in the art of Graphic Recording — large-scale infodoodling (documented on CNN!) - that capture key thoughts and ideas large-scale and in real-time — translating concepts into words and pictures so the audience leaves with insights they won’t forget. Our Graphic Recorders are talented and versatile, deploying a range of techniques and styles, and we work with you to tailor our approach to your event. At SB Ink, we aim to educate and to please. We deliver the top-notch performance. You and your audience get the reward. (Those “wow” moments never hurt either.)

Use Graphic Recording to distinguish your event and your company:

  • Give the audience a more powerful, multi-sensory experience.
  • Give both internal and external stakeholders big-picture, visual summaries of speakers’ insights.
  • Give the speakers visual memorabilia of their content.
  • Build an onsite panoramic view of the intelligence and creativity as it emerges.