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The Doodle Revolutionary's Manifesto
Revolutionary's Booklist

The Revolutionary's Booklist

Revolutionaries need to read. Expanding our knowledge of visual language helps us spread the ideas we care about. This list includes recommended books for many different areas in the field of visual thinking. And, of course, it highly recommends Gamestorming.



Since today’s minds are losing their attention span for books, this section is for people who want quick-and-sketchy articles on the power of the Doodle. For good measure, there’s also content about the value of visualization in all of its ever-expansive glory.

Toolkit Videos


Watch these short flicks to find out what's happening on the revolutionary front. The videos showcase topics like doodling, drawing, designing, innovating, gamestorming and the amazing capacity for visualization in the human brain. It's show time.

Toolkit Slidedecks


Slides are our visual storytelling comrades. Start a Doodle Revolution at your company or school by giving a short presentation on doodling, visual notetaking or gamestorming using these slides and accompanying scripts. Speak up for the Doodle, soldiers. It’s time we give the Doodle its DO!