We, the Doodlers of every nation, in order to form a more perfect world, establish semantic truth, promote whole-minded learning, provide for the struggling knowledge worker and student, enhance educational well-being, and secure the benefits of the Doodle for ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Manifesto for Doodlers everywhere.

—Set Forth by the Founding Infodoodlers this 14th day of February of the Year 2011

to doodle (modern defn.): to dawdle; to draw something without thinking; to scrawl aimlessly; to make meaningless marks; to do something of little value, substance or import; to do nothing.


Contrary to popular belief, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MINDLESS DOODLE.

The very act of creating a Doodle necessarily engages the mind. Doodling IS thinking, soldiers, it’s just thinking in disguise. This Manifesto, therefore, intends to disrupt society’s myths that—intentionally or otherwise—conspire to keep the Doodle down. We will illuminate the truth about doodling and set the record straight after more than 200 years of misinformation. Because we, the millions of Doodlers around the world and the billions of Doodlers throughout history, know the impressive power of this universal act. And on this day and each day forth, shall the rest of the world know, too. No longer will the Doodle hide in a house of ill repute. No longer will simple visual language be underused and misunderstood. Forevermore, we acknowledge the Doodle as a tool for whole-mind learning and we wield its power deliberately and without restriction, in any learning environment we see fit.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • That doodling is as native to human beings as are walking and talking;
  • That human beings have been doodling in the sand, in the snow and on cave walls for over 30,000 years;
  • That we are neurologically wired with an overwhelmingly visual sensory ability;
  • That doodling ignites four learning modalities—auditory, linguistic, kinesthetic, and visual—and dramatically enhances the experience of learning;
  • That doodling promotes concentration and increases information retention by up to 29%;
  • That doodling supports deep, creative problem solving and innovation;
  • That doodling has been an ever-present tool, a pre-cursor and a catalyst for the emergence of intellectual breakthroughs in science, technology, medicine, architecture, literature and art;
  • That doodling is and has been deployed by some of the best and brightest minds in history;
  • And that doodling lives outside of the elitist realms of high art and design and is a form of expression free and accessible to all.

Because of these realities of the Doodle, we, the Revolutionaries, hereby DECLARE A DOODLE REVOLUTION. We defy the modern definition of doodling and take the definition into our own hands. What we believe to be a fair and just definition of the Doodle is as follows:

to doodle (Revolutionary’s defn.): to make spontaneous marks in order to support thinking; to use simple visual language to engage three learning modalities; to use simple visual language to activate the mind’s eye and support creativity, problem-solving and innovation.

We believe that education around the power of doodling necessarily leads to its enhanced use. So as Revolutionaries, we up the ante of the Doodle and define an even more advanced method of deploying it: Strategic Doodling.

to infodoodle (Revolutionary’s defn.): to intentionally track auditory or text-based content and translate it into words and pictures; to generate text-, shape- and picture-based language to clarify and communicate concepts; to craft and display complex information using a union of words, shapes and pictures.

The practice of infodoodling is for a complex and unpredictable future—one that will warrant knowledge of and proficiency in the construction of visual displays. We believe that the opportunity to learn and practice doodling and infodoodling should be available to all people, so we will no longer tolerate the crippling of our native visual language abilities in order to adhere to antiquated perceptions. We insist that the people be shown the value and the applications of the Doodle and its more sophisticated form, the Infodoodle.

To reach this lofty goal, we first demand that teachers, bosses, and other authority figures cease and desist any suspicion and disapproval that stigmatizes doodling. We assert our belief that doodling is most appropriate where society perceives it as least appropriate: in situations with high information density and high accountability for learning. Today, we liberate the Doodle and elevate it to its proper place in our world. We take up our pens, pencils and felt-tipped markers and deploy doodling—complex and simple—wherever we deem it necessary. We will wield the power of the Doodle and for this, we will not apologize. We will take the Doodle back and then put it to work.

Long Live the Doodle Revolution.

On board, soldier? Sign for solidarity.

Note: This is a real revolution, so we’re going to ask you to confirm your participation via email. The Doodle is not a joke. Got it?

FYI, if you uncheck the missives box this’ll be only be the only email you get from us.

The Signers

Sunni Brown
Timothy Grahl
Brian Morykon
Candace Smith
Joseph Hinson
Maria Hayden
Chris Hoover
Indrek Maripuu
Khaki Heusner
Stephanie Ackerman
Elisabeth Hoelzl
Israel Peisino Junior - Zra'el
Ryan Robinson
Cynthia Antonaccio
Julie Gomoll
Bastian Unterberg
Tom Fishburne
Adrian Ionescu
Paige Heusner
David Christensen
Roy Christopher
Candi Ligutan
Daniel Hoang
James Monjack
Tom Genovese
Allison Crow Flanigin
Paul Goode
John Hutchings
Sally Carson of Fixpert Design
Nick Disabato
Alejandro Flores Prieto
Steve Cherches
Ryan Wachtl
Michael Duarte
Laurence Musgrove
Fran Magee
Henry Patterson
Dean Meyers
Matthew Dunn
Rachel Shanken
Tom McClain
Johanna Rehnvall
Chet Hornung the Great
Vitorio Miliano
Andrew Warner
Brandy A. Brown
Harpreet Singh Gauri
MJ Broadbent
Amanda Lyons
barbara veloso
Jean Roth
Brenda Boo
Ross T Allan
Unmesh Gundecha
Sheri Shipe
Mike Tremoulet
Fernando de Pablo DIBUJARIO
Bill Welense
Enrique Gonzalez
Julia K. Sullenberger
Rupert Hölzl
Thomas Michaud
Nikki Echler McDonald
Jason Molin
Nolan Haims
Adriana Santamaría
Kelly Kingman
Tom Kealey
Diana Lane
Ben Austin
Anette Metzger
Marcelo Menezes Neves
Conor Crowley
Amanda Wright
Roger C. Parker
Judi Piggott
Nora Morales
Ugo Sangiorgi
Stacy Weitzner
Sue Brown
Nigel Steane
Robert Yau
Caleb Jenkins
Whitney Hess
Binaebi Akah
Gary Ellis
Cecy Correa
Dennis Kardys
Dan Allison
Scott Riley
Erica Durante
Warren Beinart
Jen Salta
Omar D. Valencia
Michelle Thompson
Stuart Eggleston
Sam Smith
Stephanie Bazan
Pip G
Jason Fox
Rob Dennison
Montse Marsal
Ibrahim Cesar
Kate Quinn of Imaginician
Rocío Corona Rosales
Breah Livolsi Parker
Stéphane Paquet
Marian Buhnici
Shay-Jahen Merritte
Isaac Csandl
Olaf Lewitz
Ilja Preuß
Jeff Hoyle
Sarah Peters
Marina Montero
Scott Nicholson Kurland
Cristina Rodríguez Rodrigo
Dr. Jude Rathburn
Paul E Pierce
Paul Goes
Mauricio Espinosa de los Monteros
Fabrizio Giammatteo
Carol Gunby
Kristoffer Stenseth
Gabriel Valiati
Adam Paul
Terri Lynn Langer
Tom Tretter
Mark Ellis
Kailyn Cuevas
Catherine Ménard
Gabrielle Otis
Pete Berol
Mario Enrique Fernández Angeles
Ann-Caryn Cleveland
Justin Worley
Carla Gates
Travis Allison
Sylvia Abenis
Justin M. Discoe
Alexander Nekrasov
Mark Webster
Patricia Kambitsch
Talia Dashow
Veronica Maria Jarski
Keri Lyn Vitagliano
Frank Meinholz
Gordon Skillen
Julia Alaniz
Diogo Carmo
Dana Poleski
Dawn Walker
Richard K Williams
Paul H. Tontur
Camilla Jensen
Mauro Zamberlan
jack clarke
Hector Hevia G
dave gordon
Chris Drury
Richard Anderson
Rick Boersma
Ian Sanders
Lindsey Green
Van Riper
Helen Harris
Mohit Chhabra
Werner Küper
Heather Keeling
Peter Bakker
Carmine Annunziata
Jeff Stafford - Orange Slice Training
ryan sackett
Alicia Pierre
Avril Orloff
Leonard Lim
Nicholas Riddett
Erik Kuntz
Rebecca Johnson
Cynthia Young
Tammy Turner
Florentina Poe Urrusty
Carlos Sifuentes
Patrick Mendoza
Christopher C. Ison
E Belk
Julia Largent
dawn champion
John Sinarwi
Nancy Hinkle
Bill Hennessy
Mark Shipley
Curt Sheller
Kaido Irval
Tom Warne
Manca Kavs
Andrew Komolhathai
Chryssa Koulis
Diane Durand
John T. Dupuy
Jonathan Renker
Jean-Rémy Duboc
Jennifer Shannon
Brian Kanowsky
Eli Reiter
John Batey
Shane Knysh
Juls Hill
Manon van Mil
Greg Stewart
Rodrigo Sanchez
Carlos Franco
Joseph Dykas
gerold (cactus) kathan
Roope Kärki
Thorir Bjornsson
Timothy J. Reynolds
Robert Banh
Blanka Roundtree
Kenn Compton
Ashin george
Una Herlihy
adrian paulsen
Rosie Taylor
Suzy Dunn
Lee Friedman
Glenn Bristol
Craig Cassidy
Ben Norris
Melissa Ng
Francesca Negro
Duke Carlisle
Jessica Pugliese
Chelsea Winkel
Kim Dupuis
Talli Sharron
Susanna Matthan
Yair Yepez
Jörg Sommerfeld
Venu b
Simon Gladman
athena george penson
Normi Burke
Jesse Ciccone
Nalee Thao
Jose Luis Anzizar
Margaret Peters
Lars V. T. Occhionero
Nicholas Skytland
María Salud Galán
Maria Luisa Villarreal Sonora
Rex Griffiths
Michael Entrekin
Nathaniel Strick
Kaisa Mäki-Petäjä
Karen Borusiewicz
Alessandro Milhomem
George Dorsey
Cynthia Marie Pettigrew
MK Czerwiec, RN, MA
Genevieve Crabe
carin dawn palmer
Paul Backewich
Kevin Mears
Sheri McConnell :)
Martin Grill
Janice Painter
Luciano dos Santos Fier
Olavo Machado Neto
Torben Grocholl
Lisa Heller
Axel Röhr
Jody Paul Peroni
Dahab Hagos
Annie Razz
Jordi Carreras
Tammy Diller
Michel Gonzalez
Danny Leal
Luca Magnanelli
Emma Cooper
Salome Brant
Mads Brøbech
Robinson Lima
Cindy Kube
Lisa Rigsby
Mark Nickel
Kay E Winkler
Surj Bami
Shehneela Farheen
Michael N. Erickson
Liz Brandon
Amanda Procaccino
Raphael D'Amico
Jessika Leon
Mike Saporito
Leslie Clark!
Paolo Celli
Andrew Woodward aka @AndrewWoody
Ant Clay (@Soulsailor)
Chadwic Nelson Lewis
Flemming Aage Nielsen
Jordon Embree
Debbie Bernasco
Ian Samuel
Tanya Ross-Lane
Manuel Moser
Michelle Young
Kylie Dunn
Sonya L. Calef
Bob Hong
Peter Flemming Teunissen Sjoelin
Niall Daly
Julie Starke
Ana Cecilia Vélez Vinasco
Rishabh R. Dassani
María Alejandra De La Vega
Sally Gore
Len van Heerden
Jill Spill Fressinier
Phil Ambrose
Jelle Haandrikman
Nigel Watts
abby fox
Patrick Dawson
Laura Westfull
Cari Weinberg
Katherine Torrini
Roland James St. Germain
Ayn Cook
Horacio Gonzalez
Anthony Poole
Gary Kopervas
Heidi Forbes Öste
Tami Tolpa
Kristine Nawrocki
Sam Platt
Erika Kluge Frake
Maija Kotamäki
Chris Lysy
Demi Brunkhorst
Shrijit Jayadhevan
Tom Buckley
Tracey Lyon
Clifford Cohen, AnimAction
C. Todd Lombardo
Lynda Lieberman Baker
anDREa davis
Britta Ullrich
Natalia Luptakova
Sarah Heath
Rohit Bhargava - Author of Likeonomics
Janice Campbell
Andrew J. Lenards
Jeff Bennett
Wiro Kuipers
Abby VanMuijen
Kelly Pratt
Kenny Can LIAO
Jeremy Dwiggins
Natalie Hale
Deborah Armstrong
Surit Das
Eamon D. Hill
Brian Archer, L.E.I.
Larry Leone
Russ Inchley
Karina Mullen
Sherri Bolling
Robert Wall
Bernard Winsemius
Nicholas Alter
Yamairah Alfaro
Bas Bakker
Olga Marino
Todd Clarke
Monique Bolung
Brianna L Earlley ^_^
Corrina Gideon
Deborah Teplow
Eugen Morar
Mary (Ally) Alexandra Berry
Brandon Hansen
Ricardo Sosa
Gerry Christensen
Ian Chaves
mark peberdy
Annika Hörlén
Srinivas Mangipudi
daniel fuster
Georgie Smith
Kay Mack
Janine Dc
Kelly Sonnanstine
anisha ganguli
Roger Wythe
Paula Ramires
Jake Norgrove
Jay Robinson
Thomas Pani
Ilana Caplan
Eliza Triggs
Tami Palladino
Shawn Coots
Akram Saad
Margaret Peck
Binh Tran
James Michael Ledoux aka LeDoodle
Megan Leigh McDonald
Rob Tatman
Christine E. Roberts
Lindsey Henderson
Melicia Greenwood
Suzan Colón
Scott Minzy
Frank Los
Lino Agudelo
Rebecca Gerstein
Matthew Magain
Denys Dovgal
Colleen Wheeler
Melanie Strohecker
Justin Tung
Felipe Sérgio Maciel Cardim
Chance Brown
Helen Baxter
Theran Teach
DJ Cercone
Kelly Bast
ian smile
Alexia de Bastiani
G Jeneroux
Silvia Toffolon
Dominique von Atzigen
Andrew Davis
Francis Contat
Abigail G.
Mari Adkins
Ariel Bordeaux
Steph Cousins
Katherine Storck
Michael Joyce
Matt Arnold
Kate Brown-Wing
Marc Fruitema
Jordan Magid
Frank Edwards
Marcelo Sousa
Suzanne Armstrong
Angela Conrad
Trividha Gotewala
Nicky Meijer
Crawford Comeaux
Linda Burns
Brain Cutlery (
Paulo Henrique Freire Ribeiro de Santana
Aarthi Narasimhan
Brian Thompson
Rajendra Prasad Thota
Jenn Baker
Juan Pablo Taboada
Madana Bhat-Khandige
Nora Herting
Lavinia Petrariu
Alma Hoffmann
Jenyi Wu
Eugenia Butenko
Eric Garlow
Paule Andre
Tiina Hoskari
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Mathieu Spencer
Blakley McCaig
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Lora A. Farlow
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