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Gamestorming Your Workplace

Since the vast majority of us have to either plan or attend meetings, why not become a Jedi at leading them? Gamestorming is the practice of using simple but powerful visual thinking techniques to make meetings work. The Gamestorming Workshop is a one-day session (based on the book) that will establish fundamental competencies in designing and running meetings using principles of visual thinking and office supplies you already have in your closet.

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InfoDoodling™ is the practice of capturing information shared in a group in a large-scale, visual-language format. The value it adds to group processes is enormous and, according to Harvard Business Review, it beats presentation software in terms of communication effectiveness. The InfoDoodling Bootcamp is a one-day session that will establish fundamental competencies in using visual language (words AND pictures) to capture and display information in meetings and group processes.

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Visual Notetaking 101

Because we live in an intensely verbal culture, chances are we’ll be taking some kind of notes at work and at school for the rest of our lives. (Groan.) But note-taking doesn’t have to stink. Tracking content using imagery, color, word pictures and typography can change the way you understand information and also dramatically increase your level of retention. Stop suffering through notetaking that works against our brain’s structure and start creating visual maps that actually impact how you learn.

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