Everyone talks about innovation but nobody really knows how to innovate. By employing simple frameworks such as players, boundaries, and goals, Gamestorming turns simple office supplies like sticky notes and index cards into a powerful platform for changing the game of business.

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The Doodle Revolution

The Doodle Revolution is a prequel to Gamestorming and is also a movement unto itself. This book is about overturning our societal definition of doodling as a distraction and instead calling it what it is: a powerful technique to help us think. As innovators, problem-solvers and even presidents know, doodling has been a precursor to and a catalyst for innovation for over 30,000 years. The Doodle Revolution is a how-to book on leveraging our instinctive ability in visual language to make the Doodle work for us - at school, at the office and in life. We'll put the "DO" in doodle. Long Live the Doodle Revolution!

Meeting Design & Graphic Facilitation

Doodling and Drawing

Information Design

Neuroscience, Visual Perception & the Brain

Visual Storytelling, Presentation & Persuasion