Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Into the Mind of My Co-Author: His New Book, THE CONNECTED COMPANY

Dave Gray and his work have long been an inspiration to me. I’ve had a fan-girl devotion to XPlane for several years now, and a deep admiration for its founder, Mr. Gray, who obviously had a remarkable grasp of visual language AND customer behavior. I like to tell Dave that I Internet-stalked him into being my friend and eventually, my co-author. (Dave, James Macanufo and I have a best-selling visual thinking book called Gamestorming.) Now, Dave has come again with a contribution from his ever-seeking mind by writing his second book called The Connected Company. Published with O’Reilly, the book is an entertaining, smart and visual jaunt through the process of moving your business from a fragmented, disconnected structure to a responsive and connected company. Dave has always anticipated the marketplace and been on the pre-curve, if you will. Buy his book and join him in the future, where companies and their customers are meaningfully linked.

If you’d like a sense of the book and its contents, click here.

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