Friday, June 18, 2010

The Creative Series – Guest Blogging with the incredible Steven Pressfield

Thanks to Twitter, my visual book summaries of The War of Art eventually made their way around to the author himself, Steven Pressfield. According to him, he was “floored” by the work (and I then floored by extension) and he asked me to be a guest blogger for his blog series, The Creative Process. It took me a nanosecond to agree and I was delighted when I received the interview questions, as they clearly indicated that he had done his homework (although what would I expect from the man who wrote Killing Rommel), and that he was genuinely interested in my work. I responded thoughtfully and tried to do justice to his questions, which I hope I did. You can judge for yourself by reading our exchange. And Steven, if you happen to read this blog post, know that your work is respected, admired and appreciated more than I can describe. Perhaps I should draw you another picture to tell you thank you. :)
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    1. Sunni Post author

      Fred, I’m working on getting prints, so perhaps you could have it as your real wallpaper soon. :)

  1. Maureen

    I found your site from Steven’s post on his blog. Wow! Amazingly creative people both you two are. I’m so happy I found your work and look forward to following your work going forward.

  2. Sunni Post author

    Maureen, many thanks for your sweet words. I was just following my nose and happened upon Steven’s brilliance.


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