Thursday, June 03, 2010

PBS – ‘This Emotional Life’ Visual Series

PBS released a documentary called “This Emotional Life” and I saw it and went to pieces. If I could narrow down one aspect of human education without which we all suffer, it would be the lack of education around emotional intelligence and emotional management. “This Emotional Life” discusses a broad range of the emotional trials and tribulations of being human, but also shows us how sustained happiness isn’t as far out of our reach as we may think. The field of positive psychology – studied by companies such as Zappos – actually gives us tools to shape our states of happiness instead of bumbling around hoping we stumble upon it. It was such a powerful series of films that I sought out the producers and the host, Dr. Dan Gilbert, and requested the documentary transcripts so I could do a “visual series” of the content. After some explanation of what I do and after sharing with them my portfolio – specifically The War of Art piece –  they got excited about the project and decided to be supportive of it. We haven’t yet decided how these visuals could be incorporated into PBS’ campaign around this film, but we’re working on it. What you see above is Page One of many to come. I plan to stitch these visual narratives together, ultimately to create a sort of (digital) graphic novel that summarizes the power of emotional health and how we can get there.

New addition (page 2) is now on the scene. Below.

New addition (page 3) is now on the scene. Below.

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  2. Vinny

    That’s mighty deep. But I love it. I love visual thinking. The diagram helps to place a summary that is easily understood – I think books should have a diagram like this instead of an preface or summary. This way you can look at the index and say – “aaahhh I see”.

  3. Brian Bal

    i agree with Vinny.. I’m buying books on thickness these days. If somebody can’t summarize something enough to get it small, they probably don’t get it – notice there’s not much room for the trivial opinions and life experience of the author – that usually takes three chapters in a book.

    Nice work!


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